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Known as the “King of Digital Nomads”, Dean Kuchel has been working remotely from over 100 countries around the world before the term “digital nomad” was even a thought. Over the last 10 years, he has empowered 1000s of people to choose a life of freedom through founding Digital Nomads Israel, his captivating keynotes, government & business collaborations, advocacy and mentorship. 

From the peaks of mountains to lush rainforests, Dean has seen the world’s most beautiful sights, but what gets him up every morning is not beaches and sunsets – it’s connection. He’s on a mission to build and strengthen communities through remote work. He is a firm believer in the future of work revolving around a borderless world and rejects the notion that one must wait until retirement to enjoy life. He is working tirelessly at all impact levels to shift remote work’s title from “the future of work” to a reality in the present day for individuals around the world.

What do I do?

Remote work opens a world of opportunities for people, governments and businesses. I work with all three of these entities to empower change at all levels from the ground up.


I help individuals turn their dream life into their real life, create a location independent income, and achieve financial independence


I help governments and tourism boards use remote work to grow and strengthen their communities


I help businesses connect with their tribe


I inspire global audiences by sharing my story of travel to 100+ countries

Past Clients and Collaborations

Below is a small sample of the clients and 

collaborators I’ve had the honor of working with

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