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Over the last 9+ years, I’ve built a community of over 50,000 members united by a love for travel, remote work, connection and financial freedom. I love working with businesses who share my community’s values and passions. If this sounds like you, I would love to help amplify your voice, get your brand in front of the right people and achieve your business goals!

How Dean helped PassportCard Nomads create a 2,000,000 member community


PassportCard Nomads was a startup on a mission to create a travel insurance provider specifically for digital nomads and remote workers. Digital nomads have different needs than regular travellers and so PassportCard Nomads decided to create travel insurance tailored to the remote work lifestyle. BUT, they didn’t know where to start – until they turned to the king of digital nomads and hired Dean as an advisor.


Dean was brought on to use his remote work expertise and extensive background in customer centric service strategy to help design the product features and coverage over the span of a year. The objectives he helped the company achieve include:

  • Conducting a needs analysis and competitor analysis
  • Creating a leading insurance product for digital nomads and remote professionals
  • Positioning DavidShield as an innovative leader in the digital nomad space
  • Defining the digital nomad market, segmenting the audience, and creating avatars for both the international and Israeli markets
  • Designing an insurance offer for the different target audiences
  • Developing a powerful international marketing and content strategy
  • Physical and digital product positioning

Since the product’s introduction to the market, Dean continues to help the company grow rapidly by:

  • Advising on go-to market strategy and events & conferences
  • Cultivating collaborations and fostering introductions with key players in the market 
  • Acting as an ambassador & influencer for the product – hosting live events, creating online buzz, and promoting the service


Thanks to Dean’s work, PassportCard Nomads has become a premier travel insurance provider used by 2,000,000+ digital nomads across 150 countries. The company has also won numerous awards for innovation and service from a myriad of entities.

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“Dean Kuchel is an awesome expert to reach out for an in-depth review of early stage startup ideas, especially for solutions in the travel tech, remote professionals space. At Nurall we are building a mobile app for customers to discover world wide neighborhoods . As an early stage company we loved talking to Dean across multiple zoom sessions to validate assumptions on customer behavior and receive critical product feedback.

Dean is looking to help by challenging assumptions, sharing both data and anecdotes from his personal travels across 100+ countries and from trends that he is observing. The references shared were also super helpful . We are looking forward to continue working with Dean as a domain expert, adviser as we work towards our MVP. Dean truly loves travel, and helping entrepreneurs and this makes the expert discovery sessions fun.”

-Ravinder Dharmapuram, Founder and CEO, Nurall

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