Say YES! to Thriving Cities & Towns

Creating remote work friendly cities and towns is the key to strong, united communities with thriving businesses, economies and people. I’ve seen firsthand how communities have been able to transform from sleepy ski towns into booming economic hotspots by adopting and adapting to remote work.

I help governments and tourism boards use remote work to create opportunities for their people, access more talent, grow their economies and navigate challenges around culture, innovation, access and legalities.

If your entity is interested in experiencing the benefits of the remote work movement, get in contact with me here.

Some Past Work Highlights

      1. Founded Digital Nomads Israel – one of the largest digital nomad communities with over 30,000 active members

      2. Delivered a keynote presentation on community building for Digital Nomad Association Croatia at Zagreb Digital              Nomad Week

      3. Was named one of six Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassadors

      4. Delivered a keynote presentation on human connection and the power of community at the Work. Place. Culture        conference in Dubrovnik

      5. Advised Bulgarian members of parliament about using remote work to open Bulgaria to a world of opportunity

      6. Master of Ceremony for Tirana Digital Nomad Festival (Albania)

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