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Remote work changed my life. It allowed me to achieve financial freedom by 40, visit over 100 countries without vacation day limitations, make friends from every corner of the globe and go for swims mid-work day. As much as I’d love to believe my mom when she tells me I’m “special”, the fact of the matter is, I’m a college dropout and an average guy from Tel Aviv – If I can have this lifestyle, I promise you can too.

Who says you need to wait until 65 to check things off your bucket list? If freedom is the question, remote work is the answer. From the big picture stuff like finances to the nitty gritty of best SIM cards, I’ll help you systematically design and build your dream life so that your biggest problem becomes ‘choosing the beach chair with the best view’ in no time.

No two nomads are the same – Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a single parent, we’ll work together to form your definition of your dream digital nomad life and bring it to life.

Side effects of working with me may include...

      • An influx of passport stamps 
      • More time to do the things you love
      • More savings in your bank account
      • A community of amazing friends
      • A camera roll full of the best sunrises and sunsets around the world
      • The inexplicable urge to scream with joy when you wake up every morning

"Working with Dean was a fantastic experience that opened a whole new world to me: the world of Digital Nomadism, remote work, and financial independence. Dean is full of knowledge about stuff that matters in our crazy world."

    -Sharon Zaks, Digital Nomad


Does this sound like you?

  • You long to live the location independent lifestyle, working and travelling around the world without the stringent restrictions of vacation days and PTO
  • You’re tired of the 9-5 grind and feel unfulfilled in your current work environment
  • You’re worried that the digital nomad lifestyle is expensive and financially unsustainable
  • You have a family and you’re not sure how they’ll adapt to a new place
  • You’ve done some research on getting started with digital nomadism but are confused, overwhelmed or stressed with the influx of information available on the internet and social media
  • You’ve seen other people live the remote work lifestyle but aren’t confident you have what it takes to do the same

If you resonated with one or more of the above points, good news – you’re in the right place. I’ll help you transform your anxiety, confusion and worry into excitement, confidence and action so that you can embark on this lifestyle with everything you need to succeed.

Each element of my personal mentorship program was carefully designed to get you a powerful return on your investment in the form of a new life that leaves you feeling fulfilled, empowered and at peace. By combining expert guidance, strategy, accountability and cutting edge resources, this customized program will give you exactly what you need to thrive as a remote worker in 2023 and beyond.

How Sam Transformed his Life in 6 Months


Sam* is a 45-year-old divorced father of two. Prior to working together, he worked a blue collar office job that didn’t give him the flexibility to travel or spend as much time with his children as he would have liked. He wasn’t satisfied with his salary or financial health and had a rocky relationship with his family.


Sam signed up for Dean’s 6 month personal mentorship program with one goal in mind: get a fully remote position in a new industry that will provide the time and financial flexibility he had dreamed of.

Dean created a customized plan with a powerful mix of professional, financial and mindset mentorship designed to help Sam see significant improvements in every area of his life fast and long-term.


Within 6 months of working with Dean, Sam was able to secure a fully remote job in a high-tech company with a 55% salary increase from his previous job.

But the impact of Dean’s 6 month coaching program extended beyond just financial improvements. This new job also allowed Sam to improve his relationship with himself, his ex-partner and his children. He reported significant improvements in his happiness and has become a much more fulfilled person with a strong foundation for financial freedom. 

Sam is grateful for the new levels of freedom he has achieved after working with Dean. In just 6 months he was able to transform his career and personal life and is well on his way to building a bright future for himself and his family.


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Every strategy, technique and tip I’m going to teach you isn’t theoretical – it’s backed by 10 years of practical, actioned success. I’ve poured the utmost time, finances and effort into learning the ins and outs of digital nomadism and financial freedom so that I can get you the same remarkable results but for a huge fraction of the investment.

A Snapshot of my Experience:

  • Achieved financial independence at age 40 while working remotely & travelling to 100+ countries over 10 years
  • Founded Digital Nomads Israel, one of the largest digital nomad communities in the world with over 30,000 active members
  • Inspired thousands of people to say YES and go explore through keynote presentations around the world at events like Bansko Nomad Fest, Tirana Digital Nomad Festival and NomadBase
  • Worked as a consultant for award winning remote work centered companies such as Selina, Passportcard Nomads and Skyscanner
  • Advised international governments including Albania, Bulgaria and Croatia on remote work policies 
  • Featured on multiple media outlets and podcasts (add a link to media page) as a remote work expert


You reading all the way up to here tells me you’re serious about elevating your life, levelling up your growth and achieving remarkable results this year. Together, we can make it happen faster than you ever imagined.


My one-to-one mentorship is designed to bring you value that far exceeds your investment. I’ve used what I’ve learned over a decade of living the digital nomad life and helping others do the same, to craft a powerful program that will transform your life within 6 months. That means, if you start this month, by the second half of 2024, you could be working a job you love from a beautiful beach on the coast of Cape Town surrounded by a community that inspires and invigorates you. 

Program Cost: $6000 USD total ($1000/month for 6 months)

Program Breakdown:

  1. Discovery call – During your free discovery call, we’ll discuss where you’re at currently and where you want to be and if I’m the right fit to get you there
  2. Strategy development – If we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll create a comprehensive customized strategy designed to help you achieve your specific goals and objectives 
  3. Execution – We’ll work together to execute your strategy through 2 months of weekly 1:1 calls, followed by 4 months of biweekly 1:1 calls 
  4. Enjoy – Finally it’s time for you to jet off to explore the world or do whatever you want thanks to your newfound freedom!


  • Customized solutions catered to your needs whether you’re a fresh graduate, a single parent or have never stepped foot outside your home country
  • Clarity around the pain points holding you back from “living your best life”
  • A results driven action plan with everything you need to confidently start or progress in your remote work journey
  • An expert mentor who will be by your side supporting you throughout the entire process and cutting the learning curve exponentially so that you can start living your dream life sooner!

Ready to make 2024 your year? Fill out the discovery form to tell me where you’re at and where you want to be so we can get the ball rolling on getting you there!

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